6 Sep 2010

Aku Kne Tagged

salam semua...
bertemu kembali kite hari nie...
aku kne tagged ngn cik ermacik mila nie...

rules and regulation: 
1)if you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own blog and replace any question that you dislike with a new, original question. 
2) tag eight people.
don't refuse to do that. don't tag who tagged you.


(1) who sleeps in bed next to you?
-adik aku...

(2) what are u doing now?-duk dpn laptop tgk2 ape ade...
-cari mood nk setel asgmnt.. hehe

(3) what kind of kuih raye did you make?
-aku nk wat kuih raye? haha... xde pon

(4) best day of the week?
-klu ade yg ajak2 kuar la... bosan kot duk umah

(5) what really creepy?
-geli?? hurmmm... ulat sampah kot..

(6) what's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
-aku pon xtau... bola kot..

(7) what are the colour of your baju hari raya?
-ingat nk bli colour hijau kulit pisang.. da lme plan.. tup tap bli gold la...

(8) what did you eat for break fast today?
-gile ape.. aku pose la...

(9) what is your aim for this raya?
-xde aim la... juz klu dpt jmpe lgi rmi member lgi bagus

(10) what was the last thing you bought?
-belt kat downtown...

(11) what was the coolest thing you have seen recently?
-proton nk kuar waja baru... tpi harge xbest..

(12) does the cool thing above affect your mood?
-xpon.. xmampu lgi nk bli...

(13) what is your zodiac sign?

(14) do you want to learn other skills?
-yup2... blh je...

(15) where are u now?
-kat umah...

(16) if you could meet anyone now, who would you meet?

(17) what's something you'd like to say to someone right now?
-aku nk hepy...

(18) what are you looking forward to?
-future job

(19) say something to person who tagged you?
-byknyer soklan erma n mila... hhuhuhu
-pape pon tqvm.. slmt berhari raye
(20)tagged 8 people

okeh, kpd sume yg ditag jgn lpe jwb yer...


2 shout!!!:

zuhanismohamed berkata...

oho..nanti saya wt ni ek..hehe..tq2

Afiq Din berkata...

ok.. no prob...

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